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Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

Compass Home Group – Harford County Real Estate Agent Team

When we are contacted by a client to list their home  we go in to the meeting knowing we are being interviewed for the job of selling one of the largest assets they will ever hold, a PRETTY BIG DEAL.  When it’s a new client, unaware of the service our team provides, we may be in competition with another agent to list this home.  As part of our presentation we advise our clients a list of questions they should ask every Selling Your Maryland Homeagent they meet with.  Included with that list, are our answers, so the potential client has a basis to compare too.  Below are the questions anyone should ask their Realtor when selling your home!

Are you a full-time or part-time agent?  All members of the Compass Home Group team, including Michele, Tim, buyers agent, and assistants are full time agents committed to getting your home sold!

What is the average number of days your listings are on the market before selling?  We’ve sold them in as little as 1 day and as long as what the average days on market dictates for the county.  What we never want to do is hold inventory over 90 days because it will cost us additional money.  There is a cost to taking on your listing so we want to educate you about pricing it right.  The first 14 days on the market will tell us if it is priced appropriately and we’ll adjust our strategy from there.  Each and every one of our clients has a different goal…that’s why we want to educate you about positioning your home on the market.  You, as the seller, set the price and it doesn’t matter what you paid for it, what you owe on it, or what you’ve invested into it!  Dependent upon your goals and your time frame to move, we will always give you an honest and informative outline to where your home should be positioned on the market for the purpose of getting it SOLD. 

Will you service our listing personally or will we be working with your assistants?  Both.  Tim & I will stay fully ingrained and dedicated in the sale of your home.  Your calls are anticipated and most welcome and we want you to reach out to us whenever you feel necessary.  We take the goal of getting your home very seriously constantly looking for your homes new owner.  Because we are actively doing that daily, we will rely on our executive administrator’s help.  We are committed to the promise we make you and want to be sure that you are getting traffic reports, feedback, etc. on your home.  Our executive administrator will help us in ensuring you get that information.  Our collected effort will make you feel like you have 3 realtors working for you…not just one!  And, you’ll never feel like we are “out of the picture”.  It takes all of us working as a team to get your home sold!!!  And, we are all-in and ready to get it done!

How many sellers and buyers are you currently representing?  We have many sellers and buyers that we are currently working with.  Every seller we work with is an opportunity for us to find buyers for that specific home or the home of any of the other sellers we represent.  If I had to aggregate them all together, I would tell you we have about 40-50 ACTIVE, which means ready, willing, and able to move clients.  What we have on the back side of that is over 1,300 individuals that have reach out to us for a pathway to home ownership.  We effectively build our database based on the marketing we pump into the world and that gives us a competitive edge.  Our bold and competitive approach will expose your home to thousands of new buyers.  Those buyers will come from cutting edge marketing and also from our database of thousands of Baltimore Metropolitan area home buyers.  The consistency of contacting the leads is key which is why we have built a team and the systems within our team that make everyone feel as the personal attention we desire to give each and every person.

What is your Internet marketing program?  As you can see from Tim’s biography, he is college educated in electronic business.  What he knows extremely well is the back end of the computer.  We use a high platform of marketing on the internet.  Avenues from social media, to blogging, to videos on YouTube , to creating a domain for just your home. You’ll find his experience to be top nothch among most agents in this regional area.  I am proud to be partnered with him.  Selling homes in today’s innovative world does take a different approach than what most traditional agent are accustomed to.  He masters the sites people are now utilizing to communicate information and it allows us to pull in more leads for you home. It’s quite impressive. Review our 16 step marketing plan included in this packet.

What is your policy on responding to phone calls/emails/text messages?  As immediate as possible! Statistics show that if a lead, especially a buyer, is not attended to in 10 minutes, they will move on to another home or another realtor.  We like to capture each and every person for the goal of getting your home sold as quickly as possible so we will always respond immediately.  Every member of our teams phone rings when a call comes in!

How much of your business is generated by referrals?  About 50% of our business is generated through referrals.  We have built a community of raving fans and they are excited to pass our name along to their friends, family, co-workers, etc.  We don’t just sell homes…we tell stories!  We obtain results through people and maintain relationships with them that go way beyond the sale.  We take pride in the service we provide and all of our clients can feel that personal commitment to them and their goals.  You can view some of our stories here:

What references can you provide?  Email us directly at for a detailed list of past clients who are willing to talk with you about their experience.

Do you offer an easy exit listing so that I can end our agreement if I am not satisfied?  ALWAYS!!  We believe this easy exit clause keeps us accountable to you.  You look for service in your real estate agent…someone who will communicate with you and keep you informed of the market.  An agents sole job is to position your home on the market and market it to solicit a buyer.  You need to understand that process and it’s your agent’s job to do all of that well!!!

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